2020 brings a new website

If you’re reading this then you’ve found our new website “The Streets Of Calgary” brought to you by myself, Chris Toombes or as some of you may know me, City Street Photos. Why a new website you ask?

Meet the boss Chris Toombes
Chris Toombes City Street Photos & The Streets Of Calgary
photo by Greg Rogalsky

Well previously I have posted content and other interesting stuff I’ve come across on the streets of Calgary via other sites I run, plus numerous social media sites. Last year for instance my street photos received over 6m views on my ello.co site and I was followed by 10k followers. On Instagram 13k people follow me and each post averages over 1300 likes. On Twitter I’m followed by over 6k people with an engagement rate of over 7%. All this activity takes time to manage and often content is missed or shorten.

So I’ve decided to consolidate all my content and post to one site, “The Streets Of Calgary”. This means I’ll be able to post longer articles, more photos and document better, the things, I come across while out and about around the “The Streets Of Calgary”.

You’ll still find me posting content and being active on social media but everything will be driven via “The Streets Of Calgary”. One thing I hope to do more of during 2020 is interview people from Calgary’s diverse and growing creative community. So if you’re an artist, craftsman or run a creative business get in touch and let’s talk and let’s tell your story.