A sign of our times

The storyboards of our neighbourhoods.

Every staple can tell a story – poles and lampposts are the story boards of our neighbourhoods

We see them every day, we ignore them every day. We laugh at them and they make us angry, they can make us take action or bring out the rebel inside us. They are so common that we take them for granted, yet they have been around for decades. We read them while we’re waiting to cross the road, we use them to promote our causes, our businesses or just as a way to serve opinions on society.

Was Tucker found?
Black lives matter
Black Lives Matter

This year a new kind of sign has appeared.

2020 will be forever remembered for the Covid19 pandemic that has cost the lives of many people and changed our lives significantly, possible forever. It’s also brought with it a whole new breed of sign, ones warning us of the dangers of Covid19, as well as those instructing us to socially distance, wear masks and advising us of symptoms etc. Every business and shop we visit we’re now greeted with a barrage of signage telling or advising us what’s allowed or not allowed before we enter.

An important note for visitors
2020 and Covid19 has brought with it a whole new breed of posters and signage
Covid19 - Stay safe Calgary
Businesses offer messages of support during the Covid19 crisis
Please maintain social distancing
Calgary provides advice and warnings around every street corner
Thanking our health workers

As a street photographer I can’t pass one without taking a quick photo.

As a street photographer I can’t pass one without taking a quick photo and capturing a snap shot of social history. From lost dogs, cats, missing people, events, social comment to full blown calls to actions, signs, posters and stickers are the storyboards of our neighbourhoods. Below are just a few of the signs that I’ve come across on the streets of Calgary during the last few weeks.

  • Because of this woman
  • Message from the heart
  • Colton is missing
  • Love yourself
  • Lost cat
  • The final protest
  • Neofascism
  • Clara is missing
  • Existing condition
  • End child trafficking
  • Like new
  • The Table YYC
  • Witnesses
  • Expose Hollywood
  • Take off your mask
  • No money for health care
  • Anti mask protestors
  • Why does the voice of the people threaten you
  • Love has left
  • Happy
  • Be seen
  • Downtown is
  • Street posters
  • Fire Nenshi