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The Streets Of Calgary


Chris Toombes Calgary Street Photographer

Chris Toombes is a Calgary street photographer who’s originally from the UK but has now been a resident in Canada for over 14 years. Three years ago he moved from Ontario and settled in Calgary. Since then, Toombes has been out shooting the streets of Calgary almost every day. In a recent featured interview at streetphotography.com the opening line read…

Conflict, colours and meeting more strangers on the streets of Calgary

Nighty nine percent of the time, street photography is a fun past-time and generally devoid of any problems, other than the odd person who refuses to allow me to take their portrait. When people say no, I simply thank them for their time and move on, there’s always another opportunity around the next corner. Sometimes however, on occasion, someone will…

Calgary’s classic cars

Classic cars on the Streets of Calgary Spending a lot of time walking “The Streets of Calgary” I come across a lot of interesting things. One of my favourite things to find are classic cars which are often tucked away down back alleys or simply parked outside someones home. I have started a small photo project collecting shots of these…

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