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The Streets Of Calgary


Calgary’s lost soles

The fascination of abandoned shoes As a street photographer I always stop and photograph items that have been either dropped, misplaced or discarded. In particular I love to photograph abandoned or lost footwear, sometimes the shoes may even be new and fashionable. For many street photographers, myself included, they’re fascinated by the context they find lost shoes; intrigued by how…

Mr Bling

Often while I’m walking The Streets of Calgary I come across many colourful characters and Jamie certainly fell into that category. I couldn’t help notice the bling he had hanging around his neck, as well as the two watches, the gold rings and other trinkets that adorned his person. Dressed in a bright Orange hoodie, Jamie really stood out amongst…

Ladies day in Calgary

It’s always a pleasure meeting strangers and photographing them, but more often than not it’s men who mostly agree to step in front of the lens. Today however, was an exception and it turned out to be a ladies day on The streets of Calgary. First up was Arwa First to agree to have her portrait taken was Arwa. She…

Street talk

One of the reasons I love street photography so much is the people I get to meet and chat with as I walk around the Streets of Calgary. Being the the first day of a new year, and for that matter a new decade, I decided to venture downtown and see who’d survived the previous nights New Year’s Eve festivities….

Calgary school of rock

During the recent 2019 Grey Cup Festival I had the pleasure of watching some of the cities brightest musical talent performing live on stage. The house band from Calgary’s School of Rock ripped up the stage to the joy of the cheering crowd. Calgary’s School of Rock is the leader in performance-based music education. They teach guitar, bass, drums, keyboard…

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