Build that pipe. Alberta oil industry protests continue

Oil protests continue

On the day before Alberta’s provincial elections which take place on April 16th 2019, workers from Alberta’s oil industry once again took to the streets to protest the Federal Governments lack action. It was a huge turnout that marched down Stephen Ave (8th St SW) and gathered outside city hall where speakers from and other action groups called for further action to get the pipeline built and to protest Bill C-69. The large crowd was vocal and sang the now familiar “build that pipe, build that pipe” and waved banners demanding the federal government take action to protect Canada’s future and to protect oil industry jobs. Mark Schultz, of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors, asked those in the crowd to make their voices heard in Tuesday’s provincial election. “Get out to vote, we need your support, because energy policy matters,” he said via a megaphone. The crowd responded with loud cheers and more cries of “build that pipe”. Tuesday’s election is going to be very interesting with a lot riding on the result for a lot of people.