Calgary, 62 years of memories

Married for 60 years

It never ceases to amaze me the things people talk about, or the memories and stories people share with me, on the streets of Calgary. Some are funny, some are sad but many like that of Nikolai remind me of the good in people.

Nikolai is of Russian origin but emigrated to Canada 62 years ago, almost to the day. He told me that he’d been married to the same woman for 60 years, but unfortunately she’d passed away recently. “I really missed her” he said. 

Nikolai Loved the same woman for 60 years
Nikolai Loved the same woman for 60 years

Walk for of memories

Every day come rain or shine Nikolai still walks the same route he and his wife use to take every morning after they had breakfast. He wasn’t ashamed to admit he still spoke to her, as if she was still with him. He smiled, then joked she still nagged him when he crossed the road before the walk sign changed.

Cherish every second

As we walked along the street chatting it was very clear from our conversation that he’d lived a good life, “not a wealthy one, but one rich in love and happiness” he said. He asked me if I was married “yes” I replied, “Well look after her and cherish every second you have together because before you know it you’ve lost them” he said as he shook my hand and then turned down a side street, no doubt still remembering the conversations and memories from the last 62 years.