Calgary Street Photography.

November brings with it Remembrance day, however Covid19 has greatly reduced the civic events this year

Walking the streets of Calgary always throws up interesting characters as well as interesting juxtapositions, which are the staple of street photographers worldwide. Calgary street photography starts to get more challenging as the end of the year approaches and the first couple of weeks of November has delivered sub zero temperatures as well as a decent amount of snow. Along with the cold weather and the continuation of the Covid19 pandemic people have remained home, both working and sitting out the cold spell. However, Calgary street photographer Chris Toombes has still managed to grab a few interesting shots some of which can be found in the galleries below. Chris Toombes is well know for his stranger portraits (having shot over 1000 this year alone) as well as the interesting back stories they tell him. November also brings with it Remembrance day, however Covid19 has greatly reduced the civic events this year.

Now’s the perfect time to try out some night photography

With the clocks going back at the start of November and the evenings getting darker earlier its also been the perfect time to try out some night photography. Below are just a few shoots taken in the few few evening of November.

The Marriott - Checkin
Check in at the Marriott

Stranger portraits – meet Brad, Raymond and Hector


Stranger Portrait - Raymond
Stranger Portrait – Raymond

Raymond was sitting outside a fast food joint when I stopped to chat with him. It was clear from his black eye that he’d been in some sort of altercation recently. He told me that he’d been standing waiting to cross the road when some young punk sucker punched him. Not only had he been punched in the face, but the young lad had also laid into him with his boot. Raymond was suffering from badly bruised ribs as well as the black eye. Like myself, Raymond couldn’t understand the reasons why the guy had attacked him. I asked him if he’d told the Police but he laughed and said they wouldn’t care. Raymond had lived in Calgary for many years having previously traveled out west from Ontario. He said in hindsight it hadn’t been the best decision he’d ever made……


Stranger portrait - Brad
Stranger portrait – Brad

Brad had stopped me and asked what I was taking photos of and if I was a tourist. I explained that I was a street photographer and took photos of things that interested me out on the streets of Calgary. I of cause asked him for his portrait. Brad went on to tell me that he had turned his life around recently following a short term in prison. He’d come out found work (a job he’s since lost due to covid19) lost 40lbs in weight, almost stopped smoking and was finally living in a hall decent apartment. Since losing his job due to covid he’d signed up with a temp agency and was now working 3 or 4 days a week.


Stranger portrait - Hector
Stranger portrait – Hector

Hector didn’t speak much other than to say hello and give me permission to take his portrait. He did apologize for his runny nose and assured me it wasn’t Covid19 has he’d been tested a few days earlier by the homeless shelter and was given the all clear.

Finally, a few more Calgary street photographs taken recently