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Mr Bling

Often while I’m walking The Streets of Calgary I come across many colourful characters and Jamie certainly fell into that category. I couldn’t help notice the bling he had hanging around his neck, as well as the two watches, the gold rings and other trinkets that adorned his person. Dressed in a bright Orange hoodie, Jamie really stood out amongst…

Ladies day in Calgary

It’s always a pleasure meeting strangers and photographing them, but more often than not it’s men who mostly agree to step in front of the lens. Today however, was an exception and it turned out to be a ladies day on The streets of Calgary. First up was Arwa First to agree to have her portrait taken was Arwa. She…

Carol singer

I stopped and asked Wayland if he minded me taking his photo after spotting him on a street corner singing Christmas songs. Now despite being down on his luck he was really getting into the Christmas spirit and he told me that his friend had given him the sparkly hat that morning. Wayland went on to say that wearing the…

One-legged Elf

The great thing about street photography is that you often come across scenes that make you smile. Christmas time is always a great time to be downtime and you’ll often catch the office workers out and about all dressed up. Today was no different and I was lucky enough to catch Santa out with his one legged Elf

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