In search of fame and fortune

Meet Perina

Perina was standing by the Bay on the corner waiting for her friend Marcia who she was going to lunch with when we met. It was something they did whenever they could make time. Now Perina was a real live wire and we chatted for ages, she told me about her time at ballet school, her time as a struggling artist both here and abroad. She went on to tell me about her life living with her Nan, and how she travelled to Europe in search of fame and fortune as a dancer. Something that never really materialized, but regardless she loved every second of the journey.

Having told me about herself she was also really interested in what I was doing. I explained that I was a street photographer and gave here a copy of my new zine “Faces of a city” (she’s holding it in the photo). I went on to explain how I loved to stop total strangers and ask for their portraits. “Don’t they get a bit defensive and refuse” she asked; well you didn’t I replied. She laughed and said “point taken” She went on to ask if I’d be including her in the next book, “maybe” I replied, if I do I’ll send you a copy. “You’d better sign it if you do, just incase you become famous” she said.

“You’d better sign it if you do, just incase you become famous”
Perinas friend Marcia

Turns out that Marcia was just as bubbly and had such a lovely smile. After a few more minutes of chat both ladies wished me a Merry Christmas and headed off on their lunch date. It’s always a pleasure to meet such lovely people, something Calgary is renowned for…..