International Street Photography Exhibition, Glasgow, Scotland

I was very excited to learn that a second image by myself, Calgary street photographer, Chris Toombes had been chosen by a panel of experts to hang in the International Street Photography Exhibition at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography in Glasgow Scotland during January 2020.

Chris Toombes Calgary street photographer exhibiting at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography during January 2020
Image curtesy of Glasgow Gallery of Photography

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography

The Glasgow Gallery began as a free online gallery in 2015 when creator of the gallery Michael McCann realized his and other photographers work wasn’t reaching its intended audience through social media. McCann also noted that there was a lack of affordable gallery space for photographers in Glasgow, Scotland. So McCann decided that the gallery should become a physical space where photographers can display their work on the walls of a professional gallery space. It took 4 years of searching to find the location for the gallery and in 2019 the Glasgow gallery of photography was born.  A gallery where photographers could submit their work and have it printed and displayed, where a new audience of photographers and creatives could see the work in person. Within 6 months the gallery had gone from an trial pop up exhibition to a Gallery with a book and print shop as well as a space that hosts photography talks and events with hundreds of people passing through its doors and thousands of online subscribers to its magazines and website.

International street photography exhibition, January 2020

Keep your head down
Photo by Calgary Street Photographer Chris Toombes, currently being exhibited at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography

The image above, is the second image (first one can be found here) by myself, Calgary street photographer Chris Toombes, to be accepted and exhibited at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography. The exhibition runs from January 14th through to January 31st 2020. Chris Toombes is a published street and documentary photographer living in Calgary. Photos taken by Chris Toombes have regularly appeared in publications around the world and this Fan Ho inspired image showcases his love of light and shadow, something that is becoming my trademark style.

You can view more images like this and catch up with some of Chris Toombes’ latest work here