Ladies day in Calgary

It’s always a pleasure meeting strangers and photographing them, but more often than not it’s men who mostly agree to step in front of the lens. Today however, was an exception and it turned out to be a ladies day on The streets of Calgary.

First up was Arwa

First to agree to have her portrait taken was Arwa. She was standing just along from the new 420 store on Stephen Ave, having just stocked up for the weekend. Arwa was more than happy to pose for a quick portrait and wanted me to send her a copy for her Instagram. She was a bit bashful to start with, but soon settled down and I managed to grab this super portrait.



Next up was Natalie, who was standing just across the street from where I’d chatted with Arwa. It was her long flowing grey hair that caught my eye. Natalie was slightly shocked that I’d asked her. She said yes, but asked me what I would be doing with it (a common question) and I explained that I ran a blog and it would be posted there with her story.

Once I’d shot her portrait, she said this experience had reminded her of her childhood with her grandmother. She explained that she often walked along Stephen Ave with her gran and back in the day, it was common for street photographers to ask them for a photo. It’s always nice when the people I meet and chat with end up having a moment to remember or recall a past experience.

Natalie recalled past time’s with her grandmother

Jolene‘s earrings

As I walked up Stephen Ave towards the Bay, I spotted Jolene‘s lovely, colourful earrings and made a comment how nice they where. She thanked me and told that she’d got a few more pairs like them. I asked if she minded me taking her photo and luckily she agreed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out to much more about her colourful jewellery as she was late for a lunchtime meeting.

Jolene and her colourful earrings.

Model Maliyah

Last lady of the day was the beautiful Maliyah who had a smile to die for. Maliyah was working with a photographer friend of hers taking photos for her portfolio. Both he and Maliyah were using the arches by the Bay for a backdrop and she was walking up and down the covered walkway, stopping and posing every so often.

I spent a few moments watching them at work, before striking up a conversation with them both. Not to be rude or encroach on another professionals photoshoot, I asked if she minded if I took a couple of candids. No problem they said, and she was happy to step aside for a few moments. Afterwards, we had a chat about what I did, exchanged Instagram details and contact details so I could send her a copy of the photo.

Maliyah and her lovely smile

Today was certainly a ladies day in Calgary and made a change from the normal. It’s always more difficult in this day and age approaching women and asking for their portraits. However, if you’re polite, smile and explain what you’re doing and why, I’ve found most are more than happy to oblige. Being a Brit with a Hugh Grant accent seems to help too, it seems…….