I decided to spend the day capturing a few more stranger portraits along with their back stories. Stranger portraits has been an ongoing project since the summer of 2018 and I have now made 700+. Below are some of the strangers I meet today and the portraits I made.


Jose Juan Sanchez is currently on a sabbatical from his job in finance (from Feb 2019 until Sept 2019) and is touring North America and Canada. Driving his BMW Jose has so far driven from Mexico City up the west coast of the US to Calgary. He then plans to continue across Canada before driving down the US East coast and through the southern states before returning to Mexico in late September. Some road trip for sure…..


This is Yong who works at the hotel across from the Calgary tower and is a car Valet. He was just dashing off to grab some lunch when I stopped him to take his portrait.


Paul who by 10am was already well on his way to becoming inebriated stopped me and asked to me to take his photo. He said he’d give me his best pose so long as I emailed him a copy. So with hands out he posed, I grabbed his portrait and asked him for his email, “its paul on the web you’ll find me” “he shouted out, “OK no problem I’ll find it” I replied. With that he fist bumped me and wandered off……


Ralph was sat on his walker waiting for the bus when I approached him. “You English” he asked after I’d asked him for his portrait. “my great grandfather was Welsh” he continued. “well i’m half Welsh on my fathers side too” I replied. With that he gave me a potted history of his family and how they came to Canada before completely changing the subject and going on to tell me about the building across the street. The building was formerly know as the Alberta Hotel and had the longest bar in Alberta and had huge gilt edge mirrors all the way along it. Ralph said he often wondered what happened to those mirrors…..


I stopped Christa and asked if I could shoot her portrait because of her face tattoos and green hair. She said she was in a hurry but so long as I was quick she was happy to pose for a few seconds. Unfortunately I never got the time to ask her more about her body art before she had to dash off. I’ll be looking out for her again……