I spent the day wandering downtown and started to look for interesting reflections. The light was particularly good first thing and as per usual the high buildings were slicing the light into sharp shadows, as well as bouncing off the other buildings creating softer patches of light. One of the first photos I made was this one below which I’ve called “the handshake” and its a great example of how reflections can be used to create interest and humour in a photo. In the photo it appears the man is about to shake his own hand.

Not far from where I shot “the handshake” I made this next photo which I called “alternative dimensions” and once again the reflected part of the image carries the photo and adds interest with the man in the suit seemingly existing in two dimensions. Well I thought so anyway…… 

As the morning progressed I managed to make another couple of photos that were more traditional using the light and shadows to create the following two silhouettes. 

My final keeper of the day was another light and shadow shot but this time a more softer shot using the light being reflected by the adjacent structures and office towers. All in all not a bad mornings walk.