Strangers, storms, Covid-19 fashions and Saskatchewan independence

One of the reasons I love street photography is meeting people, as you never quite know who you’re going to meet or what they have to share. I first came across Brad, sitting on the steps of a church in Calgarys downtown core. He caught my eye because he had a number of writing pads spread out across the floor and was busy scribbling away, totally oblivious to all around him. After a few moments he looked up and spotted me taking his photo. He stood up and walked over and asked me what I was doing; I explained that I was a street photographer and was simply recording interesting things I came across on the streets of Calgary.

The word on the street
The word on the street

Now that he knew what I was doing, the conversation really picked up and for the next 15 minutes or so he went on a bit of a rant, albeit a friendly one. Well it turns out he’s a bit of a song writer (but can’t write music) as well as being a bit of a rebel. He told me his aim was to create a whole new genre of Country music, which explains why he’s always scribbling away in his notebook. Anyway he told me how his new idea for country music would revolutionize the music industry and make him tons of money. But he wasn’t finished yet! Not only was he going to change the face of music, but also the state of our nation. Brad also wanted to make Saskatchewan an independent province. His aim was to get four million Indigenous people to move to Saskatchewan, get them to vote for him, then declare an independent province once he was in charge. Good luck on that one I thought, as we went our seperate ways.

Stranger portraits - Brad, song writer & rebel
Stranger portraits – Brad, song writer & rebel

Mammatus clouds and lightning storms

Calgary storm clouds 17 Jul 2020
Calgary storm clouds 17 Jul 2020

Calgary’s weather changes all the time. I’m sure I’ve experienced all four seasons in one day before now. On Friday, (17th Jul 2020) Calgary experienced a wonderful show of natures beauty with spectacular cloud formations and lightning show that quite frankly, was better than the recent Stampede fireworks. Over an hour or so the skies above Calgary formed into a stunning display of Mammatus clouds, followed by a pro-longed display of forked lightning. Mammatus are pouch-like cloud structures and a rare example of clouds in sinking air. Sometimes very ominous in appearance, mammatus clouds are harmless and do not mean that the worlds coming to an end, or a tornado is about to form; a commonly held misconception. In fact, mammatus are usually seen after the worst of a thunderstorm has passed. Whatever their meaning, it was truly an epic event to watch unfold.

Covid-19 and street fashion

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the global economy, and to the behaviour of people and how they interact with each other. That being said, people have embraced the situation they have found themselves in and adapted accordingly. One of the things that has changed drastically, is the number of people who now choose to wear protective masks when out in public. This has created a whole new economy for some and for others it’s meant a wider choice in the styles and fabrics that are available when buying a mask for the first time. As a street photographer, this has presented a whole new category of street shots; Covid-19 fashion.

Calgary’s classic cars keep on delivering

I mentioned in my previous article, that one of the things I look out for when walking the streets of Calgary are classic cars. This week was no different and once again I came a cross a few beauties. Some of which, you can find in the gallery below.

Stranger portrait – Carley

Stranger Portrait – Carly

Finally, I couldn’t sign-off without mentioning Carly, who proved to be a great sport. When I first saw Carly, I wasn’t sure she’d let me take her portrait given the state she was in. Carly is a painter and decorator and was covered from head to toe in dust, after spending the morning rubbing down and painting a wall that had just been repaired. She was sitting outside the condo building, waiting to be picked up by one of her colleagues when we met. I mentioned that she probably wasn’t her normal glamorous self, but would she mind if I took her portrait? Luckily for me she was a great sport and was happy for me to grab a quick photo.