Street talk

One of the reasons I love street photography so much is the people I get to meet and chat with as I walk around the Streets of Calgary. Being the the first day of a new year, and for that matter a new decade, I decided to venture downtown and see who’d survived the previous nights New Year’s Eve festivities.

It didn’t take long to come across the first person who caught my eye and Dang turned out to be a really interesting guy.

Dang came to Canada from Egypt

Dang had come to come Canada from Egypt and was now a successful entrepreneur. From designing fabrics, to importing and exporting spices, and having been in a band, Dang had certainly packed a lot into his young life. As we chatted Dang mentioned that I should go over to Inglewood where he was hosting a pop-up shop in the near future and checkout his design work. This is something I’ll be doing, so I gave him my card and told him to email his details along with the address and I promised to drop by and shoot a few more photos for him.

Leaving Dang to get on with his day I continued down 1st St SW into town and it wasn’t long before I met Lou. It was Lou’s Blue Christmas hat that caught my attention and I walked across the street to ask him for his portrait.

Lou and his unusual Blue Christmas hat

Lou was more than happy to pose for his portrait but wasn’t that talkative so I didn’t get to find out the reason for his choice of a Blue, rather than the more traditional Red Christmas hat. I took Lou’s portrait, thanked him and shook his hand and then we went our separate ways. However, a few minutes later Lou caught up with me again, tapped me on the shoulder, and asked me if I had a business card, or if he could give me his email so that I could send a copy of the photo to him. That’s never a problem, I just love it when people ask for their photos.

My next encounter was more fleeting. Bob caught my attention because of his colourful sunglasses. The deep purple colour with the white frames contrasted with the red hat he was wearing and really stood out as he walked along Stephens Ave. Luckily, Bob was more than happy to stop for a few moments and pose for his portrait.

Bobs sun glasses caught my eye.

Further down Stephen Ave I grabbed what would turnout to be my final portrait of the day. However, this time it wasn’t of a stranger but of a friend. If you’ve ever spent anytime downtown walking along Stephen Ave then you’re more than likely heard Mike singing Pink Floyd covers. Normally he’s sitting at his keyboard across from the Winners store.

Mike can often be found sing Pink Floyd along Stephen Ave

Mike was just off to his pitch for another busking session when I caught up with him. We had a brief conversation, and a few laughs before l let him continue on his journey. Next time you’re walking along Stephen Ave or in the Plus 15 and hear someone singing Pink Floyd songs, stop, say hi, and drop a few bucks in his tip jar. Stephen Ave needs more talent buskers like Mike that’s for sure.