Calgary is blessed with many talented buskers and many are a regular sight around the downtown core. One regular that you may well have come across on your travels is Dave.

Dave was playing the fiddle in the overhead walkway called the +15 which connects many of the downtown office blocks and towers. He was playing that old English classic Scarborough Fair. Dave told me that he’d been playing the fiddle for many years but had only recently started to busk around the city. Dave told me that “Scarborough Fair” was a traditional English ballad and the song listed a number of impossible tasks given to a former lover who lived in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, which is in the north of England. 

On that note I dropped some change in his hat, thanked him for his time and went on my way…..

Busker Dave

The lyrics (if you want to sing along), as published by Frank Kidson, begin:

“O, where are you going?” “To Scarborough fair,”
Savoury sage, rosemary, and thyme;
“Remember me to a lass who lives there,
For once she was a true love of mine.

“And tell her to make me a cambric shirt,
Savoury sage, rosemary, and thyme,
Without any seam or needlework,
And then she shall be a true love of mine.

“And tell her to wah it in yonder dry well,
Savoury sage, rosemary, and thyme,
Where no water sprung, nor a drop of rain fell,
And then she shall be a true love of mine.